UALC OER Committee Charge

The UALC OER Committee is charged with providing education and guidance to UALC directors and libraries and with coordinating statewide OER initiatives.

The OER Committee will accomplish this charge by:

  • Coordinating OER efforts within the consortium
  • Providing or informing UALC directors about opportunities to utilize a range of course material solutions at individual schools:
    • Utilizing library-licensed resources to produce course packs (print or electronic)
    • Navigating the U.S. copyright system to engage in legal exemptions
    • Incorporating open educational resources into library collections
  • Representing UALC to the Open Textbook Network (OTN)
  • Presenting regular updates to the UALC Directors Council

Membership and terms of service

The Committee consists of individuals from UALC member libraries. A committee Chair may be elected or designated, either by the Council or the Committee, and holds a term totaling three (3) years, including one (1) year as chair-elect, one (1) year as chair, and one (1) year as past-chair.

A member of the UALC Council serves as a liaison between the UPRC and the UALC Council.

One member of the committee will be appointed as the UALC representative to the OTN. This representative, selected by the Council or the Committee on a rotating basis, should be from an institution without OTN membership.


The OER committee will meet as needed, particularly in response to initiatives or projects as suggested by the Directors Council.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate statewide events such as OER week, a Utah OER website, and other relevant activities
  • Be advocates and proponents of OER through statewide efforts, including a willingness to provide workshops or other educational opportunities to librarians, faculty, and students
  • Coordinate training opportunities for librarians, faculty and students at institutions, including an annual summary of the “state of OER” in Utah



Reviewed and Accepted by UALC Council 11/3/15