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UALC 2009 Retreat

Incorporating Outcomes into Library Measurement and Assessment


Program ContentActivityTiming
Introductions; Participant Identification; Advanced Organizer Review; Appendices ReviewLecture; Audience Input/Profile9:00-9:45
Why measure outcomes?Lecture; Audience Input/Successes and Failures9:45-10:15
What are the more traditionally used methods of tracking, measuring and using library resource and services? What still worksLecture; Self-directed identification of existing data collection; Brief website introduction10:15-11:00
What is the language of outcomes and outcomes measurement? Why/where can I use in libraries? Which data gathering methods might be supplanted by outcomes and which might be replaced?Lecture; Self-directed design of institutional outline; Group brainstorming of consortial possibilities11:00-12:00
What process should we design to integrate outcomes measurement into library programs and services? -Pre outcomes design discussionsLecture1:00-1:30
How does one identify appropriate data collection and measurement for program or service outcomes?

-Designing outcomes for a library program or service

-What measurement elements do we look for?

-What specific measurements can we use?

-Who provides the “whom?”

-And how do we work with “whom?”

-And how do we present our data?

Lecture; Self-identification for consortial; Large group discussion and comparison of possible outcomes1:30-3:00

Data Collection Method for Outcome

Population/Who Should Benefit and Why?

Assumption Data

Assumption/Justification Data

IMLS Logic Model – Completed

IMLS Logic Model – To Be Completed

Getting Started in Assessing – Example

Getting Started in Assessing – To Be Completed

Outcomes for K-12 – Example

Info Lit Higher Ed Outcomes – Example

Program Outcomes – Interview Assessment - Example

Snapshot Assessment – Content w/Examples

ACRL Selected Information Literacy Outcomes

ACRL Selected Good Practice Outcomes

Higher education objectives/outcomes

Summary of Program Outcome Model

Presenter-led group review of documents3:00-3:45