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UALC 2004 Retreat

The UALC Retreat is scheduled for October 21 and 22 at the Zion Park Inn. UALC is funding double occupancy hotel rooms for the evenings of Oct 21 and 22. For participants who are not sharing a room, UALC will pay for one night. Of course Retreat participants may extend the stay for the weekend at their own expense.

We have tried to figure out the most efficient way for UALC to manage the costs and it turns out that it will be best if participants make their own room reservations and guarantee the room with their own credit card. Incidentals will be charged to your credit card. The Zion Park Inn will provide UALC with a list of the hotel rooms and we will arrange payment.

To reserve the rooms set aside for UALC, you will need to contact the Zion Park Inn at
1-800-934-7275, tell them you are registering for a room reserved for the UALC meeting, and make sure to mention UALC. THE ROOM RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY SEPTEMBER 20.

The UALC Council is hosting a welcome reception Thursday evening with light refreshments.

Courtesy of the UALC Council, a continental breakfast, as well as a boxed lunch, and morning and evening snacks will also be provided on Friday.

Nearby dinner options include:
Zion Lodge Red Rock Grill, Zion National Park Lodge
Bit & Spur Restaurant, 1212 Zion Park Blvd.
Majestic View Steakhouse, 2400 Zion Park Blvd.

For additional ideas, refer to the UALC Retreat recreation information page and to the excellent suggestions listed in Rob [Snyder’s] Restaurant Reviews