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Copyright Resources

Electronic resources:

  • Copyright Clearance Center
  • The place to go to get permission to reproduce copyrighted contents.

  • CONTU guidelines
  • CONFU’s final report
  • Copyright and Fair Use site at Stanford
  • Copyright Crash course
    maintained by Georgia Harper, a guru in the field of copyright law.
  • MLA copyright management guidelines
    Medical Library Association position statements and FAQs
  • AALL guidelines
  • These guidelines represent recommendations for “best practices” in all types of law libraries.


  • The Library’s legal answer book by Mary Minow and Thomas A Lipinski (ALA, 2003)
  • Interlibrary Loan practices handbook by Virginia Boucher (2nd ed. ALA, 1997)
  • Libraries and copyright: a guide to copyright law in the 1990s by Laura N. Gasaway (Special libraries Association, 1994)
  • Complete Copyright: An Everyday Guide for Librarians by Carrie Russell (ALA, 2004)