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UALC Lending Policies

UALC Lending PoliciesLoan periodMax # of itemsRenewalsRecalls and holdsNotice scheduleOverdue finesBilling for lost itemsProcedures for exceptions
BYU Idaho-Books six weeks (faculty and students)

-AV items do not circulate to UALC borrowers

unlimitedOne, 2 week renewal-Items are subject to recall after a 2 week period

–Holds may be placed

-1st notice sent at 2 weeks overdue

–Items go to lost at 6 weeks

None if items are returnedCost of item plus $10 processingSpeak with ILL manager Shirley Calde
BYU / Harold B. Lee Library-3 weeks for most items

-AV items do not circulate to UALC borrowers

15At circulation or once online-3 week minimum checkout before recall

-24 hours given for items for course reserve

-Fine of $10 that increases daily if not returned by new due date

-Not able to place recalls

-E-mail reminder 7 days before due date

-Courtesy notice 5 days after due date

-Overdue items and fines will block the patron’s account

-No grace period

-$1 per day per book

- Max $10 per book

- Pay by credit card, check, signature card or money order

-Four weeks overdue becomes lost

-Replacement cost plus $25 processing

Speak with a circulation manager/ supervisor
BYU / Law Library-21 days

-2 renewals books

-24 hrs videos and cassettes, cds

152yes-Email reminder 7 days before due date

– Courtesy notice 5 days after due date

- loss of library privileges with $3 or more in fines

$1 per day per item

– max $10 per item

– pay check, signature card or money order

-Four weeks overdue becomes lost

–Replacement cost plus $25 processing

Speak with circulation manager
College of Eastern Utah-Books, 4 weeks

-Do not check out AV items

10noneNot used4 mailed reminders followed by lost item billing.10 per day per item/ max fine $10 per itemCost of item plus $5 processingNo exceptions
UT State College-Books, 2 weeks

-AV items, 1 week

6-Books, 1 renewal for 1 week

-AV items, 1 renewal for 4 days

Holds available for all patrons

– recall for faculty only

1st notice sent the day after the item is due then once a week for four weeks

– use both email and mail

-Grace period of 7 days

-$2.00 charged on the 8th day plus .25 for each day following

$70 default price for items less than this amount, if more than $70 original price plus $10 processingVery rare- could speak with Library Director or Circulation Supervisor
LDS Business College
Salt Lake Community College4 weeks10One renewal for weeksNot usedSeveral reminders are phoned out followed by one mailed reminder-.25 per day not collected unless over $.00

-Max $10 per item

Cost of item plus $10 processing feeLibrary administrators, branch managers and circulation supervisors may make exceptions
Snow College-Books, 3weeks for students, 54 days for faculty

-AV items do not circulate

unlimited3yesMailed 2 weeks after items are due-.25 per day per item max -$3 per item or $10 per check outCost plus $6 processingSpeak with circulation supervisor
Southern Utah University-Books and media items, 14 days

-Periodicals, 2 days

103 two week renewals- one must be in personCan be recalled at any time1st notice – 3days overdue- 2nd notice ten days after the first- 3rd notice ten days after that – final notice ten days after 3rd notice- lost notice 10 days after final notice. Notices are mailed.1 week grace period then .30 per item per dayCost of item plus $15 processing feeMust be cleared through a supervisor
University of Utah / Eccles-Books, 4 weeks -AV items do not circulate to UALC borrowersunlimitedOne- two week renewal by voice mail, phone, email, or webBoth are used-can not renew an item if a hold has been placedRun daily and sent by mail.25 per day per itemCost plus $25 processingContact circulation or reference staff
University of Utah / Marriott-Books and documents - 60 days -AV items 14 days5No renewals-Minimum borrowing period of 14 days -Due 14 days after the date they are recalled -Fines of $1 per day per item up to $25-Courtesy mailed 1 week after item is due and again 1 week later -If not returned within 28 days billed as lost = cost of item plus $25 processing feeNo charge until 30 days overdue, then replacement chargesCost plus $25 processingSpeak with supervisor or manager
University of Utah / Quinney Law Library-Books and documents, two weeks -Journals and periodicals, three days may not be renewed-Reserve material, 2 hours may be renewed onceunlimitedBooks may be renewed in person, via phone, or e-mailAll items are subject to recall-Courtesy mailed 1 week after item is due and again one week later -If not returned within 28 days billed as lost = cost of item plus $25 processing billing fee.-No charge until 28 days overdue, then lost replacement charges -Recalled items $1 per day / $25 max -Journals are $1 per day overdue up to $25. Lost replacement charges apply if item exceedes 28 days overdue. -Reserve materials are $1.20 after first hour overdue, .60 each additional hour /$18 maxCost of item plus a non-refundable $25 processing feeDiscuss with assistant circulation supervisor or billing manager
Utah Colleges of Applied TechnologyNo libraries at any location
Utah State UniversityBooks, 2 weeks102Not able to place recalls or holdsSent via paper mailAccrue at .25 per day per itemReplacement cost plus $25 replacement feeNo exceptions
Utah Valley UniversityUALC Members
  • Books, CDs, Maps: 4 weeks
  • Videos: 4 weeks
  • Reserves: do not circulate
  • Equipment: do not circulate
UALC Members
  • Books, CDs, Maps: 10 items
  • Videos: 5 items
  • Reserves: do not circulate
  • Equipment: do not circulate
  • Books, CDs, Maps: 2 renewals
  • Videos: 2 renewals
  • Reserves: no renewals
  • Equipment: no renewals
A hold may be requested for any circulating item except equipment or reserve items.

UVU Affiliates may request that an item be recalled.
  • Pre-Due Notice: 3 days before due date
  • Due Notice: Item's due date
  • 1st Overdue Notice: 7 days after due date
  • 2nd Overdue Notice: 14 days after due date
  • 3rd Overdue Notice: 30 days after due date
Books, CDs, Videos: $0.25/day up to $5.00

Checkout privileges will be blocked for patrons with more than $10.00 in fees/fines.
Replacement cost plus $10.00 processing feeCirculation Supervisors and Librarians may make exceptions
Weber State University-Books, 21 days –Maps, 3 days -Videos, 3 days –CDs, 7 daysUnlimited booksBooks, 2 renewalsHolds but not recalls-1st notice sent at 2 days overdue -2nd notice sent at 9 days overdue -Lost at 30 days-Books, documents, and maps- .50 per item per day -Bound periodicals-$2 per item per day -Media- $.50 per item per dayCost of replacement plus processing fee-Books, speak with circulation coordinator: Sandi Andrews –Media items speak with Misty Allen media coordinator
Westminster College-28 days for most items -14 days for popular reading collection -AV items and curriculum materials do not circulate to UALC borrowers10-2 for most items -1 renewal for items in the popular reading collection-UALC borrowers may place holds -Recall not available-1st notice goes out 1 day overdue -second notice 7 days later -3rd notice 7 days later -Bill patron’s home library after 3rd noticeMax $10Cost of item plus $9 processing feeContact Jerry Jensen
Utah State Library Division-6 weeks for books unless it is a high demand item, then 3 weeks -AV items 4 weeksunlimitedTwice for an additional 3 weeks each timeNo holds or recalls1st notice mailed 14 days after due dateNo fines unless book is not returnedCost of item plus $5 replacement feeSpeak with a member of circulation staff
Community College of Southern Nevada
Great Basin CollegeBooks-4 weeks -Av items do not circulate to UALC borrowers5One renewal for two weeksnone-1st notice mailed 2 weeks overdue -2nd notice at 3 weeks -3rd notice at 1 monthNo fines if book is returnedAt 4-6 weeks notice sent billed replacement plus $5Appeal to library director
Sierra Nevada College
Truckee Meadows Community College
University of Nevada Las Vegas-Books, 6 weeks faculty and graduate students, 3 weeks undergraduate students-10, faculty and graduate students -10, undergrad students2 renewals all borrowersAny item may be recalled after two weeks – holds may be placedNotice sent 1st day overdue and at 28 days billed as lost-Recalled items $2 per day- no max –Fines, graduate and undergraduate, .20 per day per book max $15Cost plus $35Speak with circulation manager
University of Nevada RenoCurrently developing policies for UALC borrowers
Western Nevada Community College6 weeksNo set amount for UALC members1 two week renewal-Must return within 1 week of recall -Holds can be placed to prevent renewal-1st notice printed 1 day overdue -2nd notice alerts staff only -3rd notice issued 40 days after item is due is for purchase price-$1 per day per item -Lending library not billed only patron -3 weeks grace are allowedPurchase price of item