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UALC 2004 Retreat

New Communication Models, Facilitator: Nancy Lombardo

Discussion Questions
1) What are some of the new communication models that you think will most effect our services, including information dissemination and delivery?

  • Mobile phones with data connections
  • Video/Audio – conferencing, digital, streaming
  • Chat (IM / Texting) with above technologies
  • Application and data sharing
  • Blogs
  • PDAs using all of above
  • 2) How can we better accommodate our technophile students who come to us with the habits of continuous communication using mobile phones and chat?
    3) How can we assist our less techno-savvy faculty in bringing their skills up to speed?

    4) Develop Scenarios where we use the technologies we identified above to improve services to patrons. Be specific – what service, how to integrate technology, what added value

    5) How can we use these technologies to better collaborate among the UALC libraries?

    6) Should there be technology fluency standards for librarians in academic libraries?

    7) Should librarians be required to show competency in a set of applications? If so, what applications should be required?

    8) Should there be a minimum competency level?

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