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Systems and Technology Committee

  • Members

Brian McBride (UU-Marriott), Chair
(Vacant), Council Liaison
Caleb Ames (Dixie)
David Armond (BYU-Hunter)
Valeri Craigle (UU-Quinney)
Ruthanne Hansen (State Library)
Christine Hartman (Westminster)
Chris Hauser (WSU)
Todd Hugie (USU)
Grant Laycock (BYU-Lee)
Nancy Lombardo (UU-Eccles)
David Monk (LDS Church History)
Dave Peterson (Snow)
Tim Rowley (UVU)
Truc Tran (SLCC)
Jason Vaughan (UNLV)

Julie Wood (SUU)

  • Committee Rotation

2010-2011 – Sherill Shaw – CEU
2011-2012 – Caleb Ames – Dixie
2012-2015 – Brian Mc Bride – UU-Marriott

  • Committee Charge

Mission Statement:
To identify, evaluate, and resolve issues of information creation, collection, access, and dissemination in support of information resources and technologies that meet the needs of the users served by our libraries.


  • Provide reliable counsel on matters pertaining to the selection, implementation, and use of information management technologies.
  • Establish an advisory and support network to foster the development of reliable and equitable access to information resources and services
  • Identify, evaluate, and resolve issues of information creation, collection, access, and dissemination.
  • Assess the technological needs of UALC libraries in support of information creation, collection, access, and dissemination.
  • Evaluate innovative information technologies to improve library services, operations, and access to resources.
  • Compile data supportive of fiscal requests for the implementation and maintenance of information management technologies.
Proposed Charge:
  • Investigate, evaluate and report on new technologies and software for library services as directed by Council
  • Serve as an inter-library technology resource for member libraries
  • Act as vendor liaison as needed
  • Coordinate consortium-wide technology training as needed.
  • Serve as a consultative body for technology-related issues
  • Discussion List
  • Committee Workspace

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